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Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 27-Mar-16 18:50:24
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Nintendo NX Rumours

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True or False

Personally the Wii U has been a total disaster from start to finish so i do hope that if these leaked rumours are true then we may have a Nintendo to give both Microsoft and Sony some competition.

Anybody that has gamed for the past 25 years or more will know that at one time Nintendo were the total masters when it came to consoles and producing amazing games,the Nintendo Wii on release was a extreme success but to me it was just a gimmick,a family entertainment system that literally took the world by storm,it was new fully fledged motion controlled gaming but on a very underpowered system and relied totally on Nintendo First party support as all the other 3rd party devs abandoned it like a sinking ship,and thats what followed with the release of the Nintendo Wii U only much worse.

So i do hope that Nintendo drop the gimmicks and kiddie mentality,especially when it comes to adult content and concentrate on making once again world class games and have 3rd party developers bending over backwards developing brilliant games for it.

With the news of the rumoured Playstation 4.5 and now this,if true it could be in some way a good way forward for gamers wanting the ultimate looking games,but then again another costly upgrade.
Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Mon 28-Mar-16 02:21:25
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Re: Nintendo NX Rumours

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cant see things going well mate.

This release gives the wii-u a short lifetime, I think consumers will be hard pressed to accept the ps4.5 but I cant see it with the NX given how poor nintendo supported the wii-u.

One reason nintendo have done well in the past is their first party games not only good quality but also high in numbers, the wii-u has had an abysmal amount (still waiting for the new zelda game), then we got many of the non gaming features which were abandoned as well as the virtual console, which promised 100s of snes games but still only has about 30.

I think the ps 4.5 has half a chance due to the good takeup of the ps4, but not the NX. Unless its priced very competitively with a good launch line up.

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