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Standard User mrnelster
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 17-Jun-16 06:44:32
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Cliff on Scorpio

[link to this post]
Most of what he says applies to Sony's Neo too.

Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 17-Jun-16 08:24:44
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Re: Cliff on Scorpio

[re: mrnelster] [link to this post]
Like i said,they released inferior hardware in the first place,especially Microsoft and the Xbox One and stupid Kinnect,notice with the new Slim Xbox S there is not even a Kinnect connection and now if you want to use it they will provide you apparently with a free adaptor.

I literally dumped mine about 2 weeks after setting up the Xbox One, a gimmick that failed,was not supported and was hot and miss at best.

I now see we have Sony commenting on the VR shortages that will happen if you don't pre/order.
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