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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Mon 20-Feb-17 14:20:55
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ff15 patch update

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More limited time content (this a MMO?) frown
End of moggle carnival (this a MMO?) frown
PS4 pro patch to add 60fps limit

Digital foundry have had a moan tho, the ps4 pro runs at 40-50fps and only reaches 60 if looking at the ground with not much to render, they now rate the following in order in terms of smooth gameplay experience. The xbox1 versions runs at a lower resolution which gives it good performance, the ps4 base one is juddery but not as bad as the pro, the pro you can choose a 1800p[ mode which is juddery, or the 1080p mode with unlocked fps which is very juddery.

Xbox 1
PS4 base
PS4 pro

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