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Standard User IranianGiraffe
(committed) Mon 10-Jul-17 20:00:28
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Amazon Prime PS and XB Deals

[link to this post]
Amazon Prime currently have

15 months PS+ subscription for £30

3 months XBLive and £10 XB credit for £13
EA Access XB 1 year £16
EA Access XB 1 year + 3months XBLive + £10 XB credit £28.69

Only 1 per customer

The only slightly negative I can see is

"Your 10 GBP Xbox Live Credit MUST be redeemed by 31 July 2017. Once redeemed, you must spend the credit within 90 days. If you do not redeem the 10 GBP by the 31 July 2017 or spend your credit, it will automatically expire"

Personally, it won't be a problem for me as I tend to game share Fifa with a mate so will use the credit to pre-order that but other than that looks a crazy good deal.
Standard User astateoftrance
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 11-Jul-17 21:15:52
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Re: Amazon Prime PS and XB Deals

[re: IranianGiraffe] [link to this post]
Just got the 15 months PS Plus deal, worth mentioning also that if you have a Amazon student account you can use the code STUDENT10 and get it for £19.99 smile reminds me I keep forgetting to study for that online course I am taking wink
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