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Standard User MrTAToad2
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 31-Dec-18 12:28:58
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2018 Gaming Review

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I can't say I've been all that impressed with games this year, although one of the best ones so far has been Deep Rock Galactic.


Re;Lord 1 was quite an unique strip battle game/VN, with an interesting and dark story and quite a bit of adult content with poor old Fine and Erika

Akiba's Trip was good fun (and the anime, whilst rather different, was funny), but I never did both with completing the protagonist's sister's missions.

Sakura Dungeon wasn't bad, although not a game you would want to replay once completed.

Senran Kagura Estival was the first of the Senran games I bought. It was good, but the camera work was poor. Eventually I worked out you could defeat your opponents by just jumping and doing a stomp, which certainly helped in later levels.

Dragon Knight -Not bad, but will probably get rid of it later

Quake Champions - it's a bit better than it was before the major update, but still not great fun

Neko-nin exHeart 2 - Funny, and episode 3 has been marked as being worked one

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 - Never did get anywhere with that, so got rid of it

Fantasy Versus - A small cute game. Need to get back to playing it really

Empire Of Angels IV - Rather good SLG. Haven't played it for a while and would like to complete it

Girl X Mushrooms - Hmmm... The dodging the blades and whatnot sections were a pain, but everything was just okay

Crashday Redline Edition - Not really fun. Very dated

Road Redemption - A modern version of Road Rash isn't bad

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls - Another I haven't played in a long time. It's fun though
Gal*Gun: Double Peace - A rather good on-rails shooter. Never did manage to get any other ending other than being alone at the end...

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae - Some fan service, but rather tedious

Just Deserts - A very dry SLG/VN. It's okay, but not that exciting

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator - Very old (but funny) visual novel

The Initial - Graphics are nice, but controls are a bit too stiff

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Got this (again) as it was in a sale, and I needed a racing game

Chicken Invaders 5 - Pretty fun game. Gets hard though later one

NEKOPARA Extra - Details how Chocolat and Vanilla joined Kashou (apparently Nekopara will also be getting a TV series too)

Quiver Dick's Terrible Tale For Terrible Parents To Read To Their Equally Terrible Children - Very funny RPG game

Damned Daniel - Also a very funny RPG game

Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition - Pretty hard FPS. Multiplayer is good fun

ATTACK OF THE KILLER FURRIES - Quite good fun. Took around an hour to complete

Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game - Good version of the board game

SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter - Not bad at all


Broken Reality - Meh
Escape Doodland - Urgh
Door Kickers - Meh
Godly Corp - Only for the really hardened masochist
The Last Barbarian - Could be okay, but needs a lot of work
Mia's Quest - Could be good fun adult game, but, again, needs a lot of work
Quest Failed - Pretty good VN
Slaves Of Rome - Pretty good
Still not dead - Tedious
The Gardens Between - Graphics are nice, but it all rather irritating after a while
The Spy Who Shrunk Me - Nice idea, but needed a lot of work
ATOM - Boring...
Vathrian Arc - Rather a good SLG game with VN elements
Ultimate Fishing Simulator - Not bad at all
Boobs Saga - Adult adventure game. Needs a lot of work
TSIOQUE - Okay up to a certain point (same with NAIRI)
Time Wanderer - An interesting preview, but that's all
The Wilting Amaranth - Good VN
The Adventure Of Magical Girl - Not a bad RPG but fighting takes sooo long
Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator - Very funny VN
The Ballard Singer - An interactive book
Rigid Force Alpha - Tries to be like R-Type. Be interesting to see if the remake of R-Type is better...
RAZED - Tedious racing game
Project Warlock - Old skool shooter. Not bad
Niffelheim - Boring
Tiny Hands - Pretty good Crash Bandicoot type game
Sword Legacy Omen - It's okay
Oppaidius Summer Trouble - very good visual novel
Meat Possible - Only really done to advertise the authors other projects. Very poor game
Between The Stars - Not a bad space game
Lucy got problems - Good visual novel, but not one you would really want to replay
Lingotopia - Nice idea, badly executed
Hikari Clover Rescue - Haven't disliked a VN so much as this one
Future Fragments - Interesting adult platformer game
Everspace - Okay
Didgery - Puzzle game to avoid
Hunter's Quest : Aina's Ardious Tale - An adult RPG. Bit short
Deliver Us The Moon - Pretty good adventure game
Crosscode - Really disliked this SLG/RPG game
Apparition - Very scary, but with a limited play area
Crush Crush - An idle clicker. Good up to a point
Demonical. Just very "meh"
House Party - An adult 3D adventure game. Not bad
Love Esquire - Very good (and funny) SLG game
Molecats - Tedius puzzle game
Noahmund - Not a bad SLG game
Paizuri University - Very funny adult visual novel
Rumblade - Tolerable adult free web-based adult game
Super Seducer 2 - It exists... Cant really say much else
Silver in the Sky - Could have been good, except... it needed work

I've reviewed some pretty poor games since starting as a game (and anime) reviewer. It's been fun, although the review you see isn't all my , wn - my editor likes to add/change stuff. I don't mind, although a joke I had about falling asleep in a temple (for the Slaves Of Rome review) was changed unfortunately...

There aren't many games I'm looking to buy myself next year (I hope to be able to get Re;Lord 2 for free, but we'll see). I would like to get Survival Method and Insurgency : Sandstorm too

Now with plusnet
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Standard User mrnelster
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 31-Dec-18 12:50:54
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Re: 2018 Gaming Review

[re: MrTAToad2] [link to this post]
Insurgency : Sandstorm seems decent but I havenít taken it online proper yet. Just the Team Bot practice mode to get used to the controls. The more practice I get with M/KB, the more I think Iíll enjoy it.
Standard User MrTAToad2
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 31-Dec-18 16:18:05
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Re: 2018 Gaming Review

[re: mrnelster] [link to this post]
It looks good. I was thinking about getting the first one, but it is rather old now...

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