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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 13-Oct-05 09:16:54
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Disconnections & Line Speed Help - read this first

[link to this post]
If asking for help with your connection speed, it saves a lot of time if you provide the following information first time round :-

1. What ISP are you using and what speed is your connection according to the modem or router.
2. What make and model of modem or router are you using and what is your operating system / version of Windows.
3. What is your attenuation and SNR/noise margin both upstream and downstream. Read about this here and for help finding the data try Kitz's helpful page
4. If you have a bad connection repeat the test using the test socket found behind the BT NTE5 master socket, if you have one, as shown in this photo
5. What does the BT Wholesale number checker say for your line.

Armed with this information people can provide better answers, faster.

If your line gives a BT number checker ( result that you consider wrong, you can email (preferably on a weekday) including the telephone number of the line concerned, your downstream attenuation and SNR/noise margin, your current line speed and what the BT checker currently says is available. BT limits for downstream attenuation are currently 60 dB for 1M and 43 dB for 2M, if your line is below these numbers with a decent SNR (>12 dB) then a request to have the number checker revised can be made. Put "BT Number checker" in the subject line.

Note Do not use the boards private message system, with the volume of messages I get it is hard to track and find who to reply to after a few days. Also note that there may be times when it is a couple of days before I can get around to processing change requests - work/family etc.

and thanks to Yarwell for compiling the bulk of this post.

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