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Standard User craig1912
(newbie) Wed 12-Jan-11 21:30:38
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Took F2S through the CISAS procedure as they failed to provide me with a service for 3 months, couldn't give me a valid mac and charged me for the three months.
I won the case and just received a cheque for £110-to cover dial up charges and phone calls and three months charges.
Very simple procedure to follow and I'd recommend it if you can't get anywhere with your ISP. Not all use the service but Talk Talk, Tiscali, Pipex do.
Standard User gomezz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 13-Jan-11 12:20:22
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[re: craig1912] [link to this post]
I headed for the hills from F2S as soon as I heard the news of Tiscali sniffing round.

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