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Standard User Bumpa
(newbie) Sun 06-Feb-11 14:31:01
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Talktalk, prices up and speeds down.

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OK, a bit of history. I've been through Prestel (remember that) then Lineone (still retain the e-mail address) which was hived off from BT to Tiscali and now with Talktalk. Speeds promised by Tiscali was UP to 8mb and Talktalk said up to 20mb. I am a residential user, with router now using Windows 7.
I have used the thinkbroadband facility for some time: sppeds in 2007 were typically; up 250 and down 2,000, Tiscali improved these to; up 370 and down 5,000. Now Talktalk, despite their TALK, produce; up 800 and down 1,700.
The worst is that my bill has increased by £10 per month and I have not varied use.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 06-Feb-11 18:12:21
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Re: Talktalk, prices up and speeds down.

[re: Bumpa] [link to this post]
Please can you see if you can find your line stats from the router? This site might help.

What router is it and how old? It could be your line is now connected to TalkTalk ADSL2+ equipment instead of whatever it was with Tiscali and the two are not very compatible. The stats will help determine that. So would the firmware version of the router, which you should be able to find fairly easily on the GUI.

The chap across the road from me was on Tiscali full LLU for years. Happy'ish but speed was not as good as it should have been. He tells me since the switch to TT it has improved by a lot. I haven't yet checked his stats to see how much.

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