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Standard User Blognorton
(newbie) Thu 17-Feb-11 09:42:27
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Internet Explorer 9 and Speedtest.

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I recently upgraded to internet explorer 9 in response to an invitation from Microsoft.
There seems to be a problem in using the speedtest now as it fails to load. The Java icon flashes on and off rather than staying in the tray. Also the system tries to load twice before giving up. IE then reports an error with this page.

Everything else is working properly. TB meter functions normally. This appears to be a problem specific to the interaction between IE9 and the speedtest.

The version of IE9 in use is said to be a production issue NOT a beta or a Release Candidate edition.
Moderator billford
(moderator) Thu 17-Feb-11 09:47:43
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Re: Internet Explorer 9 and Speedtest.

[re: Blognorton] [link to this post]
See this thread:

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