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Standard User mittenkrust
(regular) Fri 04-Mar-11 01:21:40
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Is my laptop aerial messed up?

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Was working great till my foot got caught in cable and it fell on floor(only about 4 feet and not very hard)

Laptop itself seems fine, had to pop a bit of plastic back on though, went away to parents for 2 nights and first day I wasnt even getting dial up speed or just about double dial up speed when on internet, next day it was running full line speed.

I assumed it was just my parents connecton but when I came home I used my neighbours internet(with his permission) and was getting dial up then too, even at this time of day am getting half a meg at most and webpages literally pause for about 5 seconds then the page loads instead of instant, and yet if i do speedtest I get 8 meg maxed out)

The only thing that makes me think its not is if I connect to my internet I get the full 18 meg so I think congestion.

But if so then why does both my neighbours and my parents(in different areas of country) have exactly the same issue(parents are BT, neighbour is Orange LLU)
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 04-Mar-11 12:59:13
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Re: Is my laptop aerial messed up?

[re: mittenkrust] [link to this post]
The other peoples connections may be busy doing something else, remember with wireless you are sharing their broadband connection.

If it is full speed when using your own wireless network, then you've not damaged your wireless card or aerial

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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