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Standard User lexden16
(newbie) Sun 20-Mar-11 12:34:00
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Help to Understand What is Going On?

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I have a FritzBox 7390 on an ADSL2+ service with IDNet. I am now coming to the end of my second training period with my 3rd new router (my first FritzBox). My latest router has held a steady connection for 3 days and last night the router software initiated a disconnect - 20.03.11 02:54:20 Clearing Internet connection briefly to prevent the Internet Service Provider from disconnecting you in the immediate future. I am not sure what this means; however, my profile has fallen to 7150/915 when it was above 8000 last night. All recent speedtests have shown a downstream speed in excess of the IP profile. My latest BT Speedtest shows a DS speed of 7176 and upstream speed of 735 with a connection of 8864 and 915. Looking at the DSL statistics over the past 24 hours - they have remained steady. Currently, they are showing a DS LA of 16 and SNR of 15 and an upstream LA of 6 and SNR of 7. Using the BT test socket has not shown any discernible improvement over the past 3 weeks. I have a BT accelerator plate fitted to my master socket.

Receive Direction Send Direction
Max. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 24384 1280
Min. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 160 32
Attainable throughput kbit/s 8865 916
Current throughput kbit/s 8865 915

Latency 1 ms 1 ms
Bitswap on on
Seamless Rate Adaptation off off
Impulse Noise Protection (INP) 0.0 0.0
Energy-saving Mode L2 NA - -

Signal-to-noise ratio dB 15 7
Line attenuation dB 16 6
Power Reduction dB 0 0
Carrier record A43 A43

Seconds With Remediable Errors (FEC) Not Remediable Errors (CRC)
Errors (ES) Many
Errors (SES) per
Minute Last
15 minutes per
Minute Last
15 minutes
FRITZ!Box 107 0 0.21 0 0.09 0
DSL central exchange 0 0 0 0 0 0
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