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Standard User garywood84
(regular) Fri 25-Mar-11 00:32:04
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Training phase following switch to ADSL2+

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I have just moved over to 21CN and have a query about the training phase.

I asked my ISP's support desk whether I should leave my router connected all the time, or reboot it once a day, as was the case during the training phase for 20CN MaxDSL. They advised leaving it up all the time. However, I'm puzzled by this, because I can't see who the exchange is going to figure out what the maximum speed for my line is, if it never has the opportunity to resync and attempt faster speeds.

The line is currently sync'ed at 12999 Kbps downstream, but I think the link ought to be capable of better than this (previously, I was getting 8128 Kbps with 28 dB of Attenuation and a noise margin of 10 dB).

So the question is: should I manually force a resync by rebooting the router, or not?


Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 25-Mar-11 00:57:33
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Re: Training phase following switch to ADSL2+

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You have a mis-conception there, and the advice you have been given is also unsound though not actually bad.

On BT Wholesale systems such as you are on the 10-day training does not train for speed, it doesn't really train for anything. Have a read of my 10-day training page.

In particular the system will not in your circumstances cause a re-sync to increase speed.

You can safely switch off at night and on again in the morning.

I agree your current sync is low for that line. I would expect somewhere between there, (on a poor line which yours doesn't seem to be from the noise margin figure), and 16000+ Kbps.

A re-sync in the morning (well after dawn) looks a good idea to me. However do not do a series of re-syncs as that would make the system think you had instability and so deliberately slow you down.

The advice to leave it on all the time merely achieves maximum stability, often at the expense of speed.

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