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Standard User Malwaremike
(member) Sat 02-Apr-11 11:03:52
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CCA Nuisance Calls for BT

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For the past couple of weeks we have received frequent (2/3 daily) calls from 0800 9539090, which turns out to be CCA International trying to flog BT Vision on behalf of BT. Most have been silent calls although once or twice we heard call centre chatter in the background.

I did answer one and told the phonedroid that we didn't want any product or sales calls. He had our name, address and BT account number. They keep coming.

The BT sales phonedroid on 150 told me BT and its agents were entitled to call any customers unless consent had been withdrawn. She changed our status to consent withdrawn but warned we shall get calls for another 28 days. Trouble is that we have a very seriously ill relative and expect a call from the hospital at any time.

Please could someone point me towards the BT CEO email address? I've seen it here but cannot find it. It's ironic that we have been quite satisfied with our BT package but we shall not renew it because of their thoughtless cold-calling.
Standard User XRaySpeX
(knowledge is power) Sat 02-Apr-11 11:33:14
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Re: CCA Nuisance Calls for BT

[re: Malwaremike] [link to this post]
Had your BT a/c already opted out of marketing calls before this happened?

If so, report them to TPS (online) if you subscribe to it.

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