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(Unregistered)Thu 14-Apr-11 14:49:06
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Wireless connection (adsl2+)

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Hi! Are wireless connections slower than an Ethernet cable between computer and router? Ive never noticed a difference but my isp is insisting its normal and if I want good speeds Iíll have to run a long stretch of cable. Thanks, Sab
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Thu 14-Apr-11 15:07:35
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Re: Wireless connection (adsl2+)

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I don't want to seem awkward, but that doesn't quite make sense as a question.

Why should they say that unless you asked them, and why did you ask them if you've never noticed a difference?

Do you find a difference or not?

To answer the question, wireless speeds can very often be lower than wired, but they can also be just as good. It depends on many factors, and can vary all the time on the same setup.

First the wireless signal strength and connection speeds can vary, both at the same spot as well as different parts of the premises. They can even vary a lot just by moving a laptop a few cms, or turning it slightly - same with the router.

Second there will probably be many other wireless routers close enough to you to cause interference on the channel you are using. If you are running a Windows machine, InSSIDer is a brilliant tool for seeing what is going on. I can normally see over 20 routers all with interference-capable power.

If there is a lot of overlap with your channel, change your channel to get the minimum overlap. Most routers have a spread of about 4 channels froom the peak power.

It often also gets worse when it is dark. Microwave cookers and so on can destroy the signal.

Hope that helps.

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