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Standard User wy2k
(committed) Mon 09-May-11 19:08:07
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broadband,phone and a phone extenstion lead...

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bit of background info not such if needed but just incase..

ok well my phone (sky talk) and broadband (however it was switched on ahead of schedule on 5/5 cos sky lost part of my order or something) were activated today at 5:50 PM going by the text message I got.

Anyway basically on 5/5 I could place a call,but not take calls. Sky told me to wait till today / tomorrow and phone back if everything wasn't working by then. Phone is now working today stuff of.

However at the time of testing I discovered that I could get a dial tone, if I plugged my phone in to the master socket i.e. get a dial and take calls. But if I plug my phone in to the extenstion cable my phone is either gets no dial tone at all at worst, or if i'm lucky it will work but the quality of the line quickly goes bad.

so my question(s) is will a new extenstion lead get my phone working with out issue (and keep my broadband working)? and also if my extenstion lead is faulty why does my broadband work over it still?

p.s ask questions if you need help to help me smile
Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Mon 09-May-11 19:25:17
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Re: broadband,phone and a phone extenstion lead...

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Sounds like your extension is missing one wire. Broadband can work over just one wire as it's RF but a phone needs a pair of wires.

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