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Standard User mittenkrust
(regular) Mon 13-Jun-11 22:56:27
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Making a broadband "bridge" I think its called?

[link to this post]
My neighbour lets me use his connection and as my contract is up for my broadband I want rid of it as its with Sky and I may be moving soon(where I will sign up as a new customer to get a better deal)

Anyway as my neigbour is with Orange I have set up my desktop and my laptop with his Orange but not my bedroom pc, my ps3 etc.

I have 2 spare Netgear DG834GT's and I want to use one to pick up his connection and then I can just use everything of mine off my router and run ethernet cable into my Xbox instead of having to use a cable from pc into xbox which keeps disconnecting me.

Just wanted to know if this was easy?
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