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(Unregistered)Tue 14-Jun-11 16:55:09
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TPM Orders and why are they a problem?

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For the knowledgeable folks out there from BT ....

Long story short - problem at exchange and lots of lines go down. All come up a few hours later bar. Area (includes mine).

The problem is major and requires a TPM order as I have a strong ADSL connection and my ISP link to exchange is okay but there is a problem in the middle. Changing ports on the carddoesnt help so BT have said a TPM order is required but their system seems unable to accept it so 10 days later, someone needs kicking (ISP is responsive and chasing but BT have only just 'accepted' the TPM.

Can anyone expand for my benefit what it is, and why it's a problem?


(from the local pub Internet connection - again)
Standard User Zarjaz
(knowledge is power) Tue 14-Jun-11 16:59:52
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Re: TPM Orders and why are they a problem?

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Tie Pair Modification. To reprovide your broadband circuit via a different DSLAM rack. A lift and shift just reprovides to a different port on the same rack.

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