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Standard User pedum
(newbie) Sat 18-Jun-11 11:46:15
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I have recently noticed a large number of blocked process alteration events (over 100 last week). They all say the same thing - attempt to alter function URLDownloadToFileW blocked" I know that Rapport says that this technique is used by malware but also by some legitimate software so it may be nothing to worry about. It appears on both XP with Firefox and Windows 7 with IE9.

I have Norton IS 2011. I have done a full scan and also run free Malwarebytes and both show nothing
Does anyone know what is causing these reports and if anything is amiss?

Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Sat 18-Jun-11 11:53:22
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Re: Rapport

[re: pedum] [link to this post]
Rapport blocked attempts to alter browser functions. Altering browser functions is a technique that allows taking over the browser and getting access to your sensitive information. This technique is used by malware but also by some legitimate software. Rapport blocks suspicious attempts to alter browser functions regardless of their origin. NtProtectVirtualMemory is just another one of the many browser functions that may be altered in order to take over the browser.

This does not necessarily mean that you have malware on your PC. By blocking these attempts Rapport protects you whether the attempt was made by malware or by legitimate software. There is nothing you need to do with regard to these events as Rapport protects you from any potential threat by blocking the execution of these alterations.

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