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(Unregistered)Tue 05-Jul-11 15:47:57
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What do these router reported stats mean...

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Looking at my router stats and particularly the info and values relating to interleaving i have the following.......

Down Up
INP: 1.07 0.00
PER: 16.24 16.24
delay: 7.99 0.24
OR: 32.01 10.83

I have a rough understanding of what the INP and delay figures are. So dont really need them explained. HOWEVER...

Can someone explain what PER: relates to and what it stands for?

Can someone also and more importantly explain.

what is the OR: figure?

What OR: stands for if anything?

Why the OR: value is so different between the down and up stream? In general an explanation of the PER: and OP: related entries please.

Thanks in advance.
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