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(Unregistered)Mon 07-Nov-11 21:36:21
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Possibly a silly question

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I have a small SOHO broadband setup. I used to have a adsl modem router, with a separate wireless ap. I had it setup so that the wired connections from the router used classic IP routing (for various web services) and the WAP was NAT'd (especially for mobile devices).

However since then both router have basically died (I did have a temporary adsl modem wireless router, but could only choose classic or NAT for both connections.

My question is, are there any wireless modem routers out there, that will allow classic public IP routing across the 4 wired ports, but then NAT through the wireless?? (but not costing too much!)

Standard User XRaySpeX
(knowledge is power) Tue 08-Nov-11 02:51:06
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Re: Possibly a silly question

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Possibly better asked in DSL Hardware Discussion or Home Networking, Internet Connection Sharing, etc.

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