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Standard User leedbrierley
(newbie) Tue 13-Dec-11 23:11:49
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I need Help!

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Right, I am looking for information, and to be honest, I dont know where to ask or anything. I have been reading they are upgrading the exchange in aberdare, and to be honest I embarrised to say I am ignorant on such things. Will this somehow effect me in someway, or what?

I have been reading up on this, and I aint found something simple to read, so I rang my AOL and BT and to be honest, cos I am hard of hearing they either send me to another department, or just hang up (this often happens when your hard of hearing) so I have no answers. Now I am beginning to feel like a mushroom.

What I want to know will the upgrade mean that my internet will speed up, cos on a good day I get 2Mbps and on a bad day 512Kbps, the reason why I want to know will it help my internet is cos I am deaf I want to be able to video conference cos then I can see my family, and sign to them and what not, and trust me on these speeds its un reliable.

I just want to know what it will mean, and cos of the upgrade will that end up meaning I have to pay more to someone along the lines, I just dont know whats going on or anything, all I want is someone to explain what this all means.

With Thanks

(Unregistered)Tue 13-Dec-11 23:46:09
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Re: I need Help!

[re: leedbrierley] [link to this post]
google samknows to see what is happening at your local exchange by your post code our phone number / this is what i did
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Wed 14-Dec-11 00:02:18
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Re: I need Help!

[re: leedbrierley] [link to this post]
Hi Lee smile

The upgrade to Aberdare looks to be to provide the "superfast" broadband that there is a lot of fuss about. Called Fibre To The Cabinet, (FTTC). BT's product using this is Infinity, but many ISPs offer FTTC products as well, just like on ADSLx broadband.

You can read what all that is about on this page.

If you put your phone number into this checker it will give you more information. It would be useful if you copy/post what it says so we can explain anything you aren't clear about. I would expect you would have a dramatic improvement if you moved to it.

It isn't something that happens automatically. It's a new range of products, so you have to upgrade or migrate to another ISP.

Which ISP are you with, what package, and how much do you pay?

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 14-Dec-11 08:57:10
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Re: I need Help!

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Additionally in the mean time, there may be things to improve your current service.

If you visit it shows how to get the router stats from most common hardware. If you post them back we can advice on the speeds, and quality of the line, i.e. assess whether there may be ways to make it go faster with no cost, or mininal (£5 to £12).

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