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Standard User scolland
(newbie) Sat 17-Dec-11 02:25:06
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Which cabinet

[link to this post]

There are some contractors starting work on a cabinet not too far from me, dont know yet if it is FTTC related, I think that cabinet will be upgraded but that another cabinet the other side of me won't.

Is there any way to tell which cabinet I am connected to?

My Post Code is S81 7NF.

Standard User burakkucat
(committed) Sat 17-Dec-11 04:26:08
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Re: Which cabinet

[re: scolland] [link to this post]
I have searched the PCP to Postcode Report 13 (from the early part of this year -- 2011) and your postcode is not mentioned within it.

However as that report is well out of date, not a lot of relevance can be placed on the null result obtained.

Perhaps one of the ISP representatives, who frequent these fora, may be able to assist by searching the information that is available to them?


100% Linux and, previously, Unix.
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