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(Unregistered)Sun 18-Dec-11 14:00:00
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BB slower than nextdoor

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This isn't a case of keeping up with the Jonses, but really annoying issue! Ever since we moved to this house I had problems with boradband, inittially nothing would work... it would work for a few seconds then disconnect, no-one was interested so I switched to cable as I needed BB for work.

After some time I thought I'd try it again on the landline with an offer and if it didn't work I could just cancel it, this time it did work... but I only get on average about 3.1 mbps... I know a lot of others on here are far worse off but I tested my neighbours connection yesterday and they are getting over 10mbps! Both our lines are comming in from the same pole. We're both with Sky. I've tested everything I can my end including using the test socket but still the same. One thing some people mention to me is they also think it's quite a quiet line when using the phone, they struggle to hear what we're saying sometimes.

Has anyone got any ideas?!

Line attenuation is 42db / 24db
Noise 8.9 / 16.1

Router show around 4mbps connection but I've tested it loads of times with different speed checkers at different times of day and it never goes above 3.3mbps max.

If I call Sky & they turn the speed up it will work for a bit but then start dropping out until it comes back down to around 3mbps.
Standard User Zarjaz
(knowledge is power) Sun 18-Dec-11 14:58:15
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Re: BB slower than nextdoor

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Could you post full router stats, firstly as is set up at the moment, and secondly when plugged directly into the test jack in the NTE, thanks.

Although you will usually share a common route with your nieghbours line between you and the street cabinet, there is a good chance that from there back to the exchange they can be on different cables. These can, in some cases, have pronounced differences on the sync rates they produce, due to different conductor types and sizes.

I digress though, it's worth making sure everything is tickety-boo in your house before you start asking Sky to get someone out to look at all this.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 18-Dec-11 23:02:28
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Re: BB slower than nextdoor

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
If neighbour is getting a 10 Meg connection then that would be at the high end of what a 42dB attenuation line can manage.

The stats from usual and test socket are useful, and the neighbours would be too, and we can then say how different the two lines are

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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