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(Unregistered)Thu 02-Feb-12 20:15:38
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slow wireless!

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Have had BT Infinity installed just before Xmas and wireless speed is 12meg, However if I use the same speed test site with an Ethernet cable I get 38meg! I know that they say wireless will always be slower, but by this much??

Thanks for any comments John.
Standard User MHC
(legend) Thu 02-Feb-12 20:42:21
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Re: slow wireless!

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]

Check the standard your wireless adapter works at and that will give the absolute maximum. Move a little away from the WAP and speeds will drop, have another WAP close by on the same or adjacent channel, speed will drop ... It is also possible to see what speed the wireless link is trained to - check that and you will find it is around 12-15Mbps



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
Standard User Daniel_g
(regular) Fri 03-Feb-12 07:04:21
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Re: slow wireless!

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]

Noticed this in the top 10 last night, glad I remembered the title as gone thismorning.

sisters cheap 15 inch school laptop had this problem when coming around here with it and we have upto 37.5Mbs so full speed like you and I get on our laptop wireless.

First thing, is a a good signal, sit in the same room, any better. click the wirless network icom thing bottom right hand side and right click your router then "ststus". What is it connected at. Do in the same room so good signal.
If 54Mps, never over then on wirless G standard like sisters built in laptop wireless card and se gets about 15mbs top here on the HH3.
Me full wack as wireless N standard.

Bet that is the problem.

Go into the modem settings by typing the address in internet explorer or what ever you use, (details on sticker underneigh normally).
What is the wirless standard in wilress settings. Will be b + g 54Mbps

or N in there and maybe 130Mps or more, my dual band does 300Mps on N standard.

Wirless g is [censored] for infinity. OK around sisters at quality 4.5Mbs speed on old g standard router form orange 5 years ago.

If new router and guessing the HH3 then type http://bthomehub.home/ in browser.

So not that as I have this and a dual band so 2 on the go linked by cable using 1 of the 4 ports on the back.

Do the wirless icom. your router and right click status,, details. Name of wirless card will apear in description. Mine says Inter (R) WIFI Link 5100 AGN So a g and N standard so good.
If card is not then will never be any good.

So got the card name. Might be worth popping the underneigh cover off as well and having a look or take out and connect using the cable.

They are under a cover normally.
Find out what it is , do the googling or manufacture site and if the g standard, find it spec sheet or web page on there site and see what sort of board it is and find the better N stand one of the same size and connect strip sort.

Mine was classed as mini PCI I think. Got a nicer same size version for sister and happened to be the same as I have, mention above. Second hand, computer seller on ebay. £7, job done with small phillips screwdriver.

Intel web site, if yours if on like mine and sisters machines. AGN

Mine half size Mini PCI.

Go change this is not wireless g.

Then it will work. wireless n goes better distance so both bits Router and this need to be N. Got getting use out of HH3 ( guessing) if not.

And if good signal. a room away I guess then all ok.

Also this is good to see what other people router are using.

If yours comes up with 54Mbs then not starter what ever is in the computer as the wireless card. HH3 picks a good channel so wont be that.

Nice to play with this program anyway.


Edited by Daniel_g (Fri 03-Feb-12 07:07:22)

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Standard User Daniel_g
(regular) Fri 03-Feb-12 07:29:33
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Re: slow wireless!

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]

Just did a speed test of the HH3 in a cupboard made of bricks and computer next room, just a smalll flat.

On wireless n

When into the device at control panel, device manager and into the settings of the card now on g standard using HH3, saME place.

Point proven.

Better than you get but different house and distance to box form computer.
Laura never got over 15 on her cheap schol given thing.Until card replaced with same as mine.

Wirless is fine with decient card.
Standard User Daniel_g
(regular) Fri 03-Feb-12 16:49:13
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Re: slow wireless!

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Try this but still going for the wifi card being old skool g standard.

Waht happened to sisters machine and now sorted with a nice better (and cheap) card.
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