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Standard User sumaes
(newbie) Thu 23-Feb-12 14:25:38
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Drastic speed change.

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Hi. Long time voyeur, first time poster.

I'm on Sky LLU. Line has never been brilliant but the past few months its been a steady and reliable, if not mind-blowing, 3.3Mbps at sync of just over 4Mbps with downstream att of around 61dB.
Yesterday morning set an HD film to download on Anytime+ and it said available within about 15 seconds, normally this would take over half an hour.
So checked the router and ran speed tests. Router is syncing at 11.2Mbps with downstream att of 37.5dB! Speed test coming in at around 9.7Mbps.

As you can imagine I'm really not complaining! But what could cause that to happen? Absolutely no changes have been made internally. BT and Sky checkers say max on line is 8Mbps..

On a separate note, but possibly related, my exchange has an FTTC RFS date of June 2012. This was changed from March 2012. The town next door has always been March 2012 but the work in both towns has started at the same time. Does this mean that my exchange might be ahead of schedule? Incidentally, my PCP has had a shiny new twin added in the the past week smile
Standard User john2007
(legend) Thu 23-Feb-12 14:30:18
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Re: Drastic speed change.

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Does sound like your line has been rerouted. Can't think of another reason for the attenuation to change so dramatically. Enjoy. smile
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 23-Feb-12 18:24:43
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Re: Drastic speed change.

[re: john2007] [link to this post]
Does seem like a line reroute, possibly to do with FTTC coming to the area.

You won't have been switched over to FTTC as this will be a more expensive product from Sky

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User CutieCakes
(newbie) Thu 23-Feb-12 19:18:47
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Re: Drastic speed change.

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Could be down to a local area fault being repaired but that shouldn't affect attenuation to that extent!

Oh well sit back look pretty and joy smile

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