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(Unregistered)Fri 24-Feb-12 22:18:07
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ADSL24/MurphX outage tonight?

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Hi smile

Just a quick note to ask if anyone else is experiencing issues with ADSL24 (LLU) this evening. I had a new line connected today, and while I've got a connection and a good sync speed, an IP assigned via DHCP and so on, I don't have any contact with the outside internet.

A test traceroute to stops after two hops, at the IP, which seems to be a MurphX gateway of some kind. I put a call in to ADSL24 support who say there's "an issue, with no ETA, someone's probably working on it". Is this a late night support call fob-off, or is there really an issue at play here? I want to know if it's at my end or theirs, with it being a completely new connection that's never worked. I'm in South Yorkshire, if that helps.
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