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(Unregistered)Mon 27-Feb-12 04:21:16
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Strange "issue" phone line disconnected but still getting BB

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Had a dispute with BT recently which took months to sort out(tried to give me charges inc engineer call out I never recieved) and so I made a high level complaint.

For months I had internet and incoming calls only as the BT system wouldnt reenable outgoing calls till I cleared bill, eventually by the time the issue was sorted they had fully disconnected me(my number is no longer in use and for some reason I cant apply for a new line at my address)

I was going to cancel my Sky tv as never used it and was asking about broadband prices without tv and was told that my broadband was disconnected, however 2 weeks have passed since then and I still receive broadband and not sure what to do or whats happening.

If I ring up Sky I am worried I will get charged despite me wanting it cancelled, or not being able to get my line reconnected due to a marker on line.

Anyone experienced this before?
Standard User Wonko
(committed) Mon 27-Feb-12 07:26:44
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Re: Strange "issue" phone line disconnected but still gettin

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I left Sky about 3 years ago (if not longer)

My parents are with Sky, and their router broke so I gave them my old one.

When they plugged it in, it just connected and worked with my login details!

I think Sky just leave the details active when its on LLU for some reason known only to themselves.

If in doubt phone them up and ask, its the simplest way.

Edited by Wonko (Mon 27-Feb-12 07:27:57)

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