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(Unregistered)Wed 29-Feb-12 21:18:37
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Line attenuation on AOL

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Hello, this is my first post here. Apologies if this is the wrong forum.
I have recently been taking every step I can to increase my lowly 1Mb connection. I have recently fitted an iplate, changed my internal extension line, bought new filters etc but in my router stats I found something which I thought unusual. I get only 0.9Mb on with zero packet loss.
My connection speed showed 1.3 Mbit with downstream noise margin of 12db and upstream of 17db, but my line attenuation is downstream 63dB and upstream 15dB. I have upgraded my netgear modems firmware to the latest version but cannot view voltages. I have silent checked my line and it is fine. I have also ran from the test point in the master socket but the results are the same.
This difference in attenuation seems really high to me. As the crow flies i am approx 1.5 miles from the exchange. Is the attenuation difference affecting my speed? My connection is fairly stable. Is this something I should contact AOL about or BT if it is a problem.

Thanks to anyone who can help explain this to me.
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