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Standard User Q87
(learned) Thu 01-Mar-12 16:16:50
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Phoneline Problems

[link to this post]
I have been having numerous issues with my phone line since around the end of December.

Issue no.1 - Phone would not ring when an incoming call happened but the screen would light up so that way you could tell someone was calling and if you answered it you could speak to the person


it would ring 1 or 2 bells and then stop (and the person ringing would hear it ringing a few times and then just silence)

I tested the ringer and the speakers through the menus and they worked. Plugged in an old cordless phone and that seemed to ring fine all the time so assumed the original phone was faulty and sent it back (had it for about 20 months prior with no problems) - it was a M&S own brand phone.

Ordered a new phone - Siemens Gigaset

Issue no. 2 - the new phone was also having issues in that sometimes it would ring 2 times and then stop ringing (and also disconnect the user at the other end who is calling me) at other times it will work fine - though it seems the ringing 2 times situation happens more often.

There is one master phone socket downstairs - cordless phone base and router is plugged into it. No other devices connected. I have removed the faceplate and plugged the filter directly into the 'test' socket.

I replaced the adsl microfilter with a new one to see if it made any difference. No change. Rang 17070 - quiet line test is fine, ringback works fine, fast test didn't return a result. [Tried quiet line test again today after my mother complained of noise on the phone last night but I don't hear any noise]

The first 2 issues seemed to go away for a while. But then they started again and sometimes when the phone was answered/hung up the internet would disconnect at exactly the same moment.

Now since yesterday [it may have been longer as I have been away from home since Saturday] the phoneline seems to be having issues and the internet has been disconnecting repeatedly all day [both when the phone rings and seemingly at random] and 'struggling' to reconnect [sometimes it connects for a few minutes then disconnects and this happens a few times until it will stay connected for a sustained period of time] - it then reconnects at strange values as if it had to compensate because of the problem:

Downstream Rate: 4832 Kbps
Downstream Rate: 3808 Kbps
Downstream Rate: 928 Kbps
Downstream Rate: 6784 Kbps
Downstream Rate: 4288 Kbps

Normally it says: Downstream Rate: 8128 Kbps

It a Linksys router:

and I am able to connect to the control panel when the internet dies etc. at so I don't think the router has a problem [made more unlikely by the fact the phone also has issues]

My ISP is Xilo and Matt had a ticket open about slow speeds that I had in the past - things improved for the most part and then this stuff started happening and slow speeds returned. [Though as the BT speedtest site is so bad I have never been able to get it to work beyond the first test]

I have run the 'Line Test' on the BT website and it always says that everything is fine and the problem is in my property which I don't think it is as I have changed the phone, microfilter and plugged them into the test socket. The website says if I want an engineer to call I will be charged £130 if they don't find a fault or it is within my home. I haven't gotten anywhere trying to phone them either. The issue is that the problems I have been having are intermittent - sometimes they are there, sometimes they aren't there for days at a time and then recur - so when the engineer comes he might say everything is fine and then I'd have paid £130 for nothing.

Can you offer any advice on what steps I should take? Should I try to look for a local independent engineer who may charge less? [my cousin did this and someone charged her about £50 but she lives 200 miles away]
(Unregistered)Thu 01-Mar-12 16:55:32
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Re: Phoneline Problems

[re: Q87] [link to this post]
Thing is with any private telephone engineer is that they can only work on anything your side of the master socket (officially),

And if the fault lies somewhere in the cable to your home from the street cab(d side pair) or be it from exchange to cab,(e side, or within the exchange it's self, they would not be able to help as in repairing it ,
Intermittent faults can be difficult to find,I agree that if they don't find the fault that they should not be able to charge the customer, after all it is down to the age and condition of the line plant , they will very rarely renew it, unless some one digs it up and has a weigh in ,lol
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