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Standard User RasAshcroft
(newbie) Sun 11-Mar-12 19:55:19
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Reselling Broadband

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(Apologies if this goes in the 'Reseller' forum but that mostly seems to consist of user comments about existing Reseller ISPs.)

I'd like some information about running a (Virtual) ISP by reselling broadband to customers. I'm a beginner who is just starting to do his research into the subject.

I know the margins are awful at the moment (and the whole this is rather futile since the big boys are hard to beat price-wise), but I'm mainly curious about how the actual business model works.

My three main questions:

1. Do you purchase wholesale bandwidth directly from BT or is it better to use a white-label service such as ICUK/Daisy/Entanet/Griffin etc?

2. What are the costs involved in signing up a customer? Does line rental figure in this cost?

3. What is involved in running the business? (e.g. support, maintenance, technical expertise etc)

Other than that, just a general rundown of how the model works would be great!

Cheers in advance for any replies.
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