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Standard User JWC
(newbie) Tue 24-Apr-12 16:53:18
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Really simple questions I can't find answers to!

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Hi all,

I am moving into a new place soon and want to set up an ADSL connection (no cable in this area) with the minimum of fuss. It struck me that I have a lot of (very simple sounding!) questions which I can't seem to find answers to - can anyone help?

1. Is a telephone number specific to a physical land line, or to a person's account with their telephone provider?

2 a. Related to 1; when I try and sign up for O2 broadband it asks me for a phone number. When the current tenants move out and I move in and want to set up broadband there, can I use the existing telephone number?

2 b. If not, do I have to get a "new number" or a "new line" - is there even a difference?

3. Is it possible to get a data only line ("dry loop" in the US, I think) in the UK?

4. Do I have to pay the £86 fee for a new telephone line at the flat I am moving in to? It obviously has a physical copper wire running into the property. What is that fee for if not to fit that line?

5. Are there any tips or tricks to getting broadband up an running quickly and simply when moving into a property...? Bear in mind it is currently occupied and the tennants have a telephone line and ADSL package from BT - are there any details I should get from them before they move out?

If anyone can help, it would be great! Thanks very much in advance,

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 24-Apr-12 17:03:05
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Re: Really simple questions I can't find answers to!

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1. You can move a telephone number around with you when you move to some extent.

2. Whether you will get their number all depends on what they do, e.g. if they take the number with them you obviously will need a new number - ask them what their plans are.

2b. You need to activate the physical line in your name, and it is that time you find out about the number.

3. No, not in the UK. There are cheap voice line rental deals (as low as ~£8 a month) that are probably cheaper than a naked line (dry loop).

4. £86 on some providers, others its free, some its £49, some its £125. Depends on the current offers and things like how long a contract you sign. The fee is to recover the cost that may have been a £2000 of cost to get the line installed originally. In short the maximum line cost is set at wholesale level as part of a Universal Service Obligation. So some people get lines put in a lot cheaper than they would otherwise, thus we all pay a fee.

5. The procedure to use is Simultaneous Provide

Ignore the bit about leaving a fully unbundled service, since you have no existing service, but the Sim Provide and its LORN should be the fastest way to get voice and broadband working.

In terms of existing resident, ensure that they have arranged to cease their service for the date they move out. If they don't do this, it can delay when you can take over the line.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User greenglide
(member) Tue 24-Apr-12 17:09:15
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Re: Really simple questions I can't find answers to!

[re: JWC] [link to this post]
1) It is linked to the account which is owned by a subscriber. You can take the number with you within the same exchange;

2a) You have to get a "new" connection from a tephone provider. You may be able to take over the account from the old occupants if you want to, they dont take it with them and the providers (not necessarily BT) agree;

2b) A new number and a new line are different (usually). You can either order the line and the ADSL together or do a "Simultaneous Provide" where BT (usually) and the ISP provide the service on the same day. The phone supplier gives you a code that you give to the ISP as you do not necessarily know the number at this stage;

3) You cannot get a "data only" line on a BT OpenReach provided line - don't know about Virgin;

4) Many options for discounts on provision of new connections. BT will provide free if you sign a 12 month contract, Post Office will give a shorter period I believe

5) Find out who the telephone service is with. This is crucial and order in advance.

Best of luck!!

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Standard User JWC
(newbie) Tue 24-Apr-12 18:00:13
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Re: Really simple questions I can't find answers to!

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Thank you for the swift responses! They are a great help...

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