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Standard User ian007jen
(member) Sun 29-Apr-12 20:35:53
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Post office Changing prices and Offering anytime calls optio

[link to this post]
Just logged into my PO account and saw the notice

New Anytime call option only £4.50 per month
From the 21st May you will be able to purchase our new "Anytime" calls option for just £4.50 per month. For this you will get:
- Inclusive calls to UK landlines at any time of day, this includes calls to Eire made from Northern Ireland
- Inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers at any time of day
You can add the Anytime option to your HomePhone or HomePhone and Broadband package at any time by calling our Customer Care Line on 0845 600 3210*.
The service goes live within 24 hours of you requesting it and there is no minimum contract term for the Anytime element. You can cancel the Anytime option at any time giving 24 hours notice to our Customer Care Line on 0845 600 3210*, however you can only add and remove the Anytime option once per quarter.
Some other changes we are making from 21st May
Some prices are increasing as follows:
- HomePhone line rental will increase from £12.25 to £13.25
- Daytime call rate to UK landlines will increase from 5.36p to 7.5p per minute
- The call connection fee will increase from 9.6p to 12p per call
The monthly rental for customers taking HomePhone and Broadband Standard or Extra will remain the same.
Some prices are decreasing as follows:
- Daytime mobile call rates will decrease from 13.28p to 11p per minute
- Evening mobile call rates will decrease from 8.17p to 5p per minute
- Daytime and evening landline calls to our top 40 international destinations are decreasing from 5.11p to 5p per minute
Please refer to the Pricing Tables at for full details
* Calls may be recorded, monitored and used for training and compliance purposes.

Set up charges going up (2.4p)
Line rental going up (£1)
etc etc

Standard User zyborg47
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 01-May-12 01:00:26
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Re: Post office Changing prices and Offering anytime calls o

[re: ian007jen] [link to this post]
That will certainly make some people think about jumping ship. i know my brother who uses the Post office broadband service, was looking at Talk Talk a couple of months ago because he said it is cheaper. the only reason he have not gone for it so far is because I advised him against it, saying he would be better off with sky or even Tescos.


Desktop machine now powered by windows 7 pro 64bit , laptop by ubuntu

On ADSL24 using C&W network.
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