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Standard User GeofButt
(newbie) Wed 01-Aug-12 14:14:45
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Problem with People with ‘’ Addresses Not Receiving eMail.1. The Problem.
We find that quite a number of people who give us ‘’ addresses are adamant that we have not contacted them. We are quite clear that we have, and used the correct address. Either trails go cold or we end up having to or use the post or the phone exclusively, thus negating one of the benefits of eMail.

2. A Solution.
A suggested work-around is to tell such people that what they should do is:-
• Go to;
• Log in using their BT username & password;
• Look in their SPAM folder;
• Alter the settings for their SPAM folder to accept messages from you (i.e. remove your address from the ‘blacklist’ / add it to the ‘whitelist’).
It seems many people are unaware of the existence of this ‘hidden’ spam filter, and thus never hear from people who have been mailing them.
3. The Drawback.
An obvious drawback to this work-around is that it has to be either dictated over the phone, or put in the post, as the intended recipient isn’t receiving your eMails! I’m sure the fact that is a division of a telephone company has nothing to do with this.
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