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(Unregistered)Sat 04-Aug-12 09:33:07
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Speed Test Reliability???

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I'm with BT Total Broadband Option 3
I've done a speed test of my connection using this site's speed test and also BT's own speed test via my BT Hub's web page.

Think Broadband's test gives me a speed of;
Download 10.6 Mbps --- Upload 0.9 Mbps

My BT hub speed test gives;
Download 14.6 Mbps --Upload 1.04 Mbps
IP Profile for my line is 15.69Mbps
Upstream Rate IP Profile on my line is 0.83Mbps

Another Speed Test Website (just googled off the 'net) gave me;
Download speed 10.1 Mbps / Upload 0.8 Mbps

I'm wondering how accurate are these tests are.
The tests were done on the same day Think Broadband's was done 3.00pm and BT's was done at early evening on the same day (last Saturday)
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