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Standard User risk_reversal
(experienced) Tue 14-Aug-12 11:47:40
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Voip Porting

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I am seriously considering porting my BT landline number to Voip and have a couple of questions. BTW, I have never ported a BT number before.

I currently have 2 Voip service providers (I will refer to them as Voip A & Voip B) and have previously ported a (geographical) telephone number from one Voip service provider to another.


1. The Voip provider that I want to port my BT number to (Voip A) has informed me that I should not tell BT of my intentions to port. The porting request form that the Voip provider will forward to BT will take care of notifying them ie BT.

2. I have received conflicting information as regards whether the port can be done on a particular date (of course, I would prefer the port to happen on a specified date).

One of my providers (Voip A) has said that porting a number from BT usually takes 10 working days and so long as they are given suitable notification, the number can be ported on a particular date.

The other Voip provider (Voip B) has told me that porting my BT number can take up to 15 working days to complete and that there is no possibility of having a fixed date for the port. I was also told by this Voip provider that the port could potentially happen say after 5 working days.

In the first instance, I hope that I have explained the above clearly.

Obviously once the port is complete any broadband service associated with that number will also be lost.

I am sure that there are several users who have ported their BT landline number and would appreciate their comments as to my questions, especially the issue of whether the porting date itself can be set. Please feel free to provide any other advice regarding this process that I should know about.

Many thanks for any info provided
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