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Standard User KevinR
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 26-Sep-12 20:16:41
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Outage affecting southend marine exchange

[link to this post]
Anyone know any more about this. I'm using a link sourced from C&W and it dropped out a bit after 10am, and does not seem to be back yet. Original eta was 3pm. Its the southend marine exchange within 01702.

Looking at bt statuses, they have some broad problem in the southeast, and even phones are out in one part of the southend area code. I haven't found anywhere that reveals actual c&w statuses though.


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Standard User vivaciti
(knowledge is power) Thu 27-Sep-12 09:38:45
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Re: Outage affecting southend marine exchange

[re: KevinR] [link to this post]
We have a large number of CW connections on the Marine exchange and I have had a look at the fault stats and cannot see any faults reported???
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