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Standard User chris6273
(committed) Tue 23-Oct-12 22:05:58
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Seeing more and more of 'Akamai'

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Hi guys,

Recently I have been seeing more and more of Akamai based downloads.

Does anyone know why this might be? Doing a tracert to (For example) reveals the path doesn't go through BTs Core Network, and doesn't take many hops to get there.

I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the poor download speeds I achieve with Akamai based downloads (BBC iPlayer Speedtest always shows a maximum of 10Mbps on its Test 1, even when trying on a 200Meg JANET connection).

Has anyone else experienced slower downloads from Akamai based networks? Is there a way to improve download speeds from Akamai?

My Broadband Speed Test

Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed: 24276 kbps 1211 kbps
Line Attenuation: 16.5 db 6.4 db
Noise Margin: 1.1 db 6.2 db

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