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Standard User alweb
(newbie) Mon 14-Jan-13 13:09:19
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Coincidence or conspiracy - Either way I'm heartened?

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Back on AdslGuide (yeah I'm that old smile) after being away for many years !

Just wondered what your thoughts on this are?

Moved house this time last year and went from 10mb no FTTC to 2mb no FTTC, which was an unpleasant blast from the past, we are probably 3 miles from the exchange (EAMAL) by road

Contacted BT about 6 months ago via their BTCare presence on twitter, and got a straight answer of "no your cabinet isn't targeted for FTTC even though the exchange is enabled" Which I appreciated as we are a small hamlet a fair way out of town

I had been considering local wifi provider FibreWifi, but had seen mixed comments so was nervous to commit the up front costs, I had pretty much resigned myself to 2mb for the foreseeable future.

Being ever optimistic though I thought it may be worth volunteering for a SamKnows white box, in my head "At least I'll show up on some ofcom report somewhere"

Samknows box has been in for 2 months and shows a consistent 1.98mb,

Then out of the blue, 3 days after the xmas break, Morrissons arrive and dig a whole hole next to my cab and a shiny new FTTC cabinet appears three days later, BTWholesale check shows an enable date of 31 March, so from 2mb to 15mb to me is a great improvement, we are almost a mile from the cab, so I'll take what I can get.

So what do you think...happy coincidence or did I trigger a criteria on some BT spreadsheet by appearing on an Ofcom report via SamKnows? Yeah I know its a slim chance but really pleased it now looks like I could well have a decent connection by the middle of the year smile
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 14-Jan-13 13:13:01
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Re: Coincidence or conspiracy - Either way I'm heartened?

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There are a lot less Sam Knows boxes than there are BT cabinets - so coincidence

If you are in North Yorkshire then part of the BDUK process probably, if Cornwall part of that ongoing project. Elsewhere just the luck of the Openreach rollout.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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