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Standard User trolleybus
(member) Mon 11-Feb-13 20:37:41
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Suggestion for ISP in Worthing

[link to this post]
My cousin is moving to Worthing and has asked about which ISP would be suitable for him bearing in mind that his current Virgin Broadband service delivers in excess of 17Mbps. He works from home and and deals a lot with Auto-CAD drawings and presentation reports. A business class service is required with fixed IP.

Research has shown that he might have to put up with just 5.1Mbps at BN125RH

Cabinet: P14 - Linked to exchange: WORTHING WEST
Intended area for the cabinet that will provide fibre broadband services to this postcode is taking longer than planned to get the cabinet ready for service.

BT Wholesale information
ADSL status: Enabled as of 31/05/2002
ADSL Max status: Enabled as of 31/03/2006
SDSL status: Enabled as of 28/08/2005
21CN WBC status: Enabled
FTTC status: Available in some areas

Cable Broadband Availability
Virgin Media: Home isn't in a cable area.

LLU operator presence
AOL: Enabled
O2 / Be: Enabled
C&W: Enabled as of 20/05/2005
Orange: Enabled
Sky / Easynet: Enabled
TalkTalk (CPW): Enabled
Tiscali: Enabled as of 17/02/2008
Tiscali TV: Enabled as of 17/02/2008

My suggestion would be TalkTalk Business + Anytime calls for £33.60 on the basis that a router of choice can be used and that TalkTalk's SMTP server can be used in conjuction with his own domain name. A new Draytek 2830Vn router will be purchaed and use made of the inbuilt VoIP facilities.

Any thoughts welcomed from forum members if they can spot a better deal particularly if it comes with a faster speed.
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Mon 11-Feb-13 20:53:50
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Re: Suggestion for ISP in Worthing

[re: trolleybus] [link to this post]
If he is reliant on the connection then cost should not be the priority but the level of support and response times.

BT Business services has tech support available 24 hours/day and will have a technician out on te next working day if a visit is required and that can include Saturday. Do the other options have that level of service?

An extra £10/month could save a day or two of time and will soon cost in if there is just one failure every 4 years.



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