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Standard User Falley
(newbie) Thu 28-Feb-13 16:58:20
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Broadband Transfer Woes

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I've recently started working from home, so have transferred by broadband from O2 to a fibre line provided by Zen, paid for by my company. The transfer completed about 2 weeks ago.

O2 have just informed Zen that they have issued a 'cease order' on my phone line, due to take effect tomorrow (1st March). This is because O2 don't offer a phone-only service. I've called O2 and they say there is nothing they can do to cancel the cease order...

Zen say it'll take them 10-14 days to take over the line and restore service, which will make it very difficult for me to work.

A couple of questions:
1. Are O2 telling me porkies? Is there anything they can do to cancel? They say the cease order is 'in the batch' and can't be removed. Not so sure about that myself.

2. Our network admin thinks that, even if O2 cancel their services, the broadband should still work, and Openreach would have to get involved to completely remove service. Is that a possibility or just grasping at straws?

Many thanks for any help!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 28-Feb-13 17:13:39
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Re: Broadband Transfer Woes

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The broadband may continue to work for a short while after the PSTN cease, but it will get turned off as part of the cease process eventually.

O2 should have informed you of the implications of moving your broadband elsewhere, and as they just use WLR there is no technical reason for them to insist on the cease, i.e. they could just as easily tell you to move the phone service using the normal Notification of Transfer process.

In short yes O2 can do what they are doing, its not best practise but does happen. It is a good way to ensure you won't ever consider them in the future

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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