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Standard User Andrue
(knowledge is power) Sat 11-May-13 16:29:43
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IPv6 - Sheer Madness!

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..but I can help. Maybe. I've got IPv6 working but I was just wondering what my public IP address was. According to the TBB test page (xxx added by me):

Your IPv6 address on the public Internet appears to be 2a02:xxxxx:48b9

If I do ipconfig/all on my laptop I get:

IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2a02:xxxxx:c68a(Preferred)
Temporary IPv6 Address. . . . . . : 2a02:xxxxxx:48b9(Preferred)
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::226:22ff:fe1c:c68a%11(Preferred)

So what TBB sees as my public IP address is called my Temporary IPv6 address by Windows.

Luckily I found this helpful explanation:
and this

Presumably when I create the IPv6 DNS entries for my server it'll be first (non temporary) address I use. Just when you thought IT was supposed to make things simpler over time laugh

Andrue Cope
Brackley, UK

Edited by Andrue (Sat 11-May-13 16:30:07)

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