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Standard User vegasrio
(newbie) Sun 30-Jun-13 18:02:32
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ISP and packet loss

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I am an American living in Brazil. I am having problems with voip, which I use for work, so any help would be greatly appreciated. The main symptoms are garbled or toilet-bowl sounds, missed words - somtimes a few seconds up to a few minutes of lapse. All of these problems are intermittent, sometimes the calls are clear. I usually use skype, but I have the same problems with a voip service(ringcentral) I recently got. I have a 6mb (up and down) fixed wireless(radio) broadband connection. Line of sight for me is about 100 meters from my TP-Link WR941nd 300mpbs router, so I also have 2Ubiquiti NanoStations to bounce the signal from the main antenna.

I have run a few online route traces, and it appears to me the problem is packet loss, due to congestion on my ISPs servers. I am not sure Im interpreting the results correctly however.

If I am correct is there anything the ISP can do to improve my connection? Is there a way for them to give my connection preference if the problem is indeed congestion? Will a static IP help?

Any fix will most likely have to come from me as the level of tech here is very low, and customer service virtually nonexistent..

Obrigado! Thanks!

Here is a link for a trace from my computer..

This is from a neighbor using the same ISP and wireless service, but without the nanostations

These 2 traces are from the same ISP, but on a cable connection from 2 different locations
Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Sun 30-Jun-13 19:56:57
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Re: ISP and packet loss *DELETED*

[re: vegasrio] [link to this post]
Try Pingtest and see what your packet loss and jitter is.

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Standard User vegasrio
(newbie) Sun 30-Jun-13 20:34:18
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Re: ISP and packet loss *DELETED*

[re: camieabz] [link to this post]
Here is the ping test....

here is a tracert I ran to my voip server

Like I mentioned, the problem is intermittent. Right now my connection is good, usually on the weekends it is. The other tests I ran show packet loss and are run over several days from different locations.It looks to me like this is enough to show that the problem is with the ISP.....

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Standard User RingCentral
(newbie) Mon 01-Jul-13 22:04:48
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Re: ISP and packet loss

[re: vegasrio] [link to this post]
Hi vegasrio,

Sorry to hear this is happening using our product as well!

Are you still having issues and if so do you have a case open with our support team?

Let me know.


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