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Standard User ARD
(knowledge is power) Sat 07-Sep-13 14:20:52
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Choosing new router: cheap, speedy... and minus Broadcom

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My ZyXEL P-660HN has been causing a few problems since last week. Itís spontaneously power-cycled three times. I donít know whether this is due to failing hardware or repeated attacks to which, according to some reports, ZyXEL has been particularly prone in recent months. Opinions welcome.

Anyway, Iíve swapped over to a Technicolor 582 as supplied by my ISP. Iíve never liked this kit for two reasons: the web interface and the Broadcom chipset. For some reason, Broadcom doesnít suit my line. A couple of years ago, A £100 plus Billion router gave such poor sync speeds that I returned it for a refund. Using Broadcom chipset routerS, I sync at about 16.2 mbps instead of around the 17.5 mbps Iíve enjoyed with my ZyXEL (Alcatel chipset?).

So, Iíve only one router a the moment. I want to get another but canít afford more that about £50. Iíve wondered about TP-Link because Iíve used a 150 mbps model that gave good service but the wireless coverage is not adequate for my current needs which demand a 300 mbps model, Any recommendations for an wireless N router without the Broadcom chipset?

Line: ADSL2+

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