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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Fri 31-Jan-14 18:43:41
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BT wholesale address mismatch

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Got (another) problem with plusnet, I have never had so many admin side errors in one provider. But anyway.

Plusnet have a simple task of booking an engineer.

Over 2 weeks ago they told me there was a issue on BT wholesale's database some kind of address mismatch which prevented them booking an engineer, I was told to wait 72 hours for BTw to fix the problem, and I waited.

This did not get fixed, and plusnet stopped giving me updates, I raised on their forums and this progressed to BT finding a "network fault" in my area. This "network fault" has now apparently been fixed. So this mismatch it would seem did not stop plusnet talking to BT and getting a engineer out to fix a network fault.

However I have evidence of a current water ingress fault and the original reason for the booking still exists so I asked plusnet to still send out an engineer, they did not refuse to do this but then they told me this BTw issue still exists, a mismatch on the db. I asked them if there is any kind of manual overide/escalation procedure, they claimed is none which I immediatly thought is nonsense, I proceeded to search BT wholesale's site and sure enough I found publicised escalation procedures. I posted this on their forum and they said they would escalate after the 2nd 72 hours. (even tho it was 2 weeks after the first promised 72 hours they wanted to wait).

Yesterday at the end of the 72 hours the owner of my problem at plusnet decided it wasnt worth raising the escalation and has asked another plusnet staff member to reassign my problem and of course I have heard nothing since I assume until I probably pester them again.

When I asked plusnet (before I posted the BTw information I found) what happens if there is no fix, their replay was I could effectively be stuck in this situation indefenitly. There is a clear lack of urgency in their response to this, but now after giving some info on the situation. My question is something like this. Hoping Andrew or someone else knows.

Is there a way to book engineers when there is a mismatch on BTw's db?
If BTw fail to meet a deadline they themselves given do isp's have some kind of escalation procedure eg. raising a complaint?

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Standard User vivaciti
(knowledge is power) Fri 31-Jan-14 19:25:30
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Re: BT wholesale address mismatch

[re: Chrysalis] [link to this post]
If your phone line is with them (I will assume so) give them a call and ask them to run the phone number through "the ORDI Robot" as this fixes most database errors and should start to get the database error fixed to allow you to get an engineer out.
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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Sun 02-Feb-14 00:58:31
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Re: BT wholesale address mismatch

[re: vivaciti] [link to this post]
ok thanks.

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