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Standard User emjga
(newbie) Wed 05-Mar-14 13:59:47
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Sim Wifi Hot Spot

[link to this post]

I am thinking of purchasing TP-LINK's M5350
So I can create my own hot spot (Wifi) when traveling

The sim I have I believe only supports HSPA which is NOT 3G (but I could be wrong)
i.e When the Sim in in my Phone Nexus 4 the Network Notification only Shows H
It never shows 3G

However if I use a Spped Test from Ookla it shows 3mb which is what the Sim card is supposed to provide.

What I am concerned is about if I purchase TP-LINK's M5350 will work
I suspect as the Sim card is not 3G then it will not work.

What are people's thoughts ?
Is there alternative to the TP-LINK's M5350 that supports other speeds e.g Edge all the way up to 3G

Standard User Computerman142
(regular) Wed 05-Mar-14 16:21:49
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Re: Sim Wifi Hot Spot

[re: emjga] [link to this post]
As like you I am thinking of buying a TP-Link M5350 for when I go on holiday.

As far I know according to Amazon and TP-LINK's website, the device supports HSPA sim cards. The H on your screen stands for HSDPA or HSPA as far as I can remember (someone might correct me) which is faster version of 3G, which is compatible with M5350. The M5350 also supports 2G and EDGE also, so all in all you should be ok. Here is some more info and
My best ever result- upload is more than it should be. but more the better. Also ping is a bit high


TalkTalk 40/2 FTTC - Currently getting 26Mbps
(Unregistered)Thu 06-Mar-14 15:28:44
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Re: Sim Wifi Hot Spot

[re: Computerman142] [link to this post]

Thankyou for your reply and links.

I am going to take a punt on this and have a TP-Link M5350 on order.


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