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Standard User Tone2014
(newbie) Fri 17-Oct-14 08:11:36
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BT installation speed? [Moved house]

[link to this post]

As stated in the title "[Moved house]", I have a couple of questions and a short explanation to warrant the questions I'm going to ask.

I moved house, I had Sky (TV/Calls/BB), and cancelled my subscription before I moved (Wanted out from Sky, every other week my internet would go out for a few days and I'm fed up with their excuses and wait period on an engineer).

The person who lived here before me had, I think, Sky and before that TalkTalk.

I know I do not want sky under any circumstances, and I don't know a lot about TalkTalk but I'm pretty sure that I don't want them either.

I want BT, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take them to get my BB on, I'm 95% sure there's a line, because on the first day I moved in I plugged in my house phone's and called my own mobile from it, but later on in the day when I checked again there was no dial tone.

I read up on some places on the internet (Thank you google) and it seems that I have about a 3 week waiting period, I think..I may have cocked up what they was saying, though.

Anyone know anything about this? I'm not looking for their Infinity service, yet, just something to get me online asap at this measure, so the normal unlimited download limit @ 16Mbps and 1Mb upload.

Thank you for reading.
Standard User ian72
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 17-Oct-14 08:35:34
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Re: BT installation speed? [Moved house]

[re: Tone2014] [link to this post]
Times depend on area and engineer availability but 3 weeks isn't particularly unusual (at the start of this year my brother waited about 5 weeks for his because they were busy with the aftermath of the Christmas storms).
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