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Standard User tdw42
(learned) Tue 31-Mar-15 19:55:21
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Superfast North Yorkshire coverage updates

[link to this post]
The Superfast North Yorkshire website has been updated with new coverage plans - in addition to FTTC/P and cable this now includes fixed wireless access coverage.
Standard User WWWombat
(knowledge is power) Wed 01-Apr-15 01:04:55
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Re: Superfast North Yorkshire coverage updates

[re: tdw42] [link to this post]
Mango Maps seems to be down.

Does the map overlay coverage over wide areas like the old one? Or does it only tell you coverage once you put a postcode in?

Edit: Mango working again...

It looks like you need to click somewhere on the map, and it will fill areas in (in an unobtrusive white colour); you can select through different providers for that point.

So far I've found areas covered by "superfast fibre", "superfast cable", two different sets of "superfast fibre planned" and three different sets of "High Quality Wireless"

Unfortunately, the coloured areas disappear as soon as you attempt to pan or zoom.

Edited by WWWombat (Wed 01-Apr-15 01:42:04)

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