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Standard User mabibby
(regular) Wed 01-Apr-15 23:37:05
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FTTC - Advice - Long(ish)/DLM Line

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So I thought i'd put my issue out there and look seek some advice, please can any responses be sincere, i'm a pragmatist and quite knowledgable, I don't have time for smart [censored] smile

Basically, I'm estimated about 1km away from my FTTC Cab (Estimated based on my knowledge of the cable run and some Google Map measuring). I've had FTTC 76mb from PlusNET since November 2013, and it sync'd at 51mb Down/12mb Up for 12 months. The line has had it's stability issues, I had a line card replaced 6 months etc, and it would never stay up for more than 24 hours without re-syncing but I was happy and latency/throughput/experience was pretty good.

In the last 6 months I can only assume DLM has kicked in and slowly but surely wound me back to 35mb Up/11mb Down, and the line now re-syncs every 72 hours on average?

I've a case open with PN and an OR engineer has been out once, been told that my line is fine, distance is the problem and DLM is just maintaining a stable line. I kind of accept the distance challenge and the explanation but I do miss the extra 1mb/s+ I was getting quite happily. I'm currently waiting for a second engineer visit as there seems to be some agreement from OR about my line.

Anyway... I guess the question I have for you guys is, my house is a new build which is the last house before the estate hooks goes through to a (was) cul-de-sac of an old estate. The BT man hole for my next door neighbour on the old estate has a line length of <500m, where as my line (due to the developers laziness) goes ALL the way through the entire new build estate, round a few corners and back past the old estate I sit next to (one big circle). I've seen a few posts saying yeah, yeah BT won't re-route lines etc etc.... but literally if I paid the ECC's for say 2-3 meters of ducting to be put underground they could feed my property and halve my line distance. Can anybody give me some guidance on how to go about doing this?

Finally, whilst i'm here, i'm looking for a Business grade FTTC service.... i've been considering sticking with PN or paying a bit more and going with Zen, is it really worth the extra?

All (sincere) responses appreciated!


PlusNET - 50/9 @ 600m
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 02-Apr-15 08:57:56
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Re: FTTC - Advice - Long(ish)/DLM Line

[re: mabibby] [link to this post]
If you really were syncing at 51 Mbps on a 1km line then that is well outside the normal expectation range. The 35 Mbps is much more what you would expect.

The cost is not the physical duct it is the paperwork to put in the roadwork notice and dig the trench to lay the duct in, and then the work of rearranging the network.

Openreach has a system called copper rearrangement where if your wallet is large enough you can request quotes for this sort of work.

My bet is that the work would just get you a 51 to 55 Mbps sync now even if shortened to the proposed 500m i.e. some of the loss is higher takeup and thus cross talk

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