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Standard User ARD
(knowledge is power) Fri 22-May-15 09:53:59
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Weird! Connection appears to “time-out”

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I’ve enjoyed a rock-solid ADSL2+ connection for several years using either a not defunct ZyXEL or the standard Technicolor router. My router is only switched off if I hear a rumble of thunder or storm is obviously heading my way. I have gone for six months or so without switching off, never losing synch otherwise.
Looking back, things began to change towards the end of 2014, though didn’t begin to think there might be a pattern until a few weeks ago. Every 27-30 days I lose my connection. This has taken various forms:

1. 2 or 3 x peculiar inability to get online without rebooting the router. Whenever I’ve done this the CQM graph does not show synch loss or a PPP drop prior to the router being switched off and rebooted
2. 2 x brief synch loss
3. 1 x brief synch loss following minor packet loss
4. 1 x 50-minute period of PPP loss followed by a brief synch drop

The problem can manifest at any time. Only the first symptom can be linked to devices being in use involving both ethernet and wireless connected devices. Symptom No 4 manifested in the middle of the night when all devices were switched off.

I refer to being “timed-out” but the dates and times of day are not quite exact enough. I have wondered whether the router “times-out” after dealing with X GB of data.

So far, the problem isn’t major so I haven’t swapped routers and other pieces of kit. I had planned to do so next time there was thunder and everything had to be switched off and unplugged anyway this area has been remarkably free of storms.

Any ideas before I start messing about?
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