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Standard User eckiedoo
(experienced) Fri 19-Jun-15 21:21:05
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Hotel WiFi

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About two years back, there were discussions on TBB about Hotel WiFi etc; and which were the best Channels to use.

I have been visiting one hotel frequently before and over that period, observing how its WiFi has been changing and improving, with its present version being very good.

In total, there are 12 Access Points, with a total of 3 SSID Names.

5 of these are for Staff access, on Channels 1, 5 & 11, 144 Mbps, b, g & n

6 are for public access, "Open", on Channels 1, 5 &11, 144 Mbps, b, g & n

The final one is not clear, although listed as "Open", at 54 Mbps, on Channel 6, b & g only

I was interested to note the multiple use of Channel 5, given the general recommendation of Chs 1, 6 & 11.

The hotel is relatively isolated, so no other WiFi circuits showed up, using Acrylic.


Over the years, I have found the most effective way of using the hotel facility is by running TeamViewer in VPN mode on my Netbook, to access my main Tower at home, then going out on its 40/10 Broadband connection.

I presume that this is minimising the load on the hotel's Broadband connections to carrying Commands and the Tower's Screen drive, with the major processing etc taking place on the Tower.

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Standard User brandscill
(experienced) Sun 05-Jul-15 08:38:20
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Re: Hotel WiFi

[re: eckiedoo] [link to this post]
I find Hotel Wifi still very poor in general.

Free offerings are understandably restricted but often hotels don't provide paid options. Even within IHG group there is no consistency with wifi offering. Hilton is even worse for this.

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